Shussel was a small city on the northern shore of the Alamber Sea, in Unther.[5]


Shussel served was fishing town, however it used to be a mining outpost at some point of its history. It had its own supply of iron from nearby mines, but by 1357 DR the supply was dwindling. The fields to the north of the city had been overfarmed and turned to sandy, poor conditions as a result.[5]

Its port was heavily fortified to defend the city against the sahuagin from nearby waters.[6]


As of 1357 DR, Shussel was ruled by Lord Ekur, who under his command a large force of Chessentan mercenaries.[6]


As of 1357 DR, Shussel was poor community whose resources had been overused. Its port was small and not much frequented.[6]


The priesthood of Ishtar had a great influence in Shussel, and it was thanks to their efforts that the people didn't had a famine crisis.[6]


In 1370 DR, in an event called "the Vanishing", a mysterious fog descended upon the city and overnight, ninety percent of the city's inhabitants vanished. The sudden underpopulation and abundance of homes brought squatters and bandits. The city was later conquered by the Mulhorandi, that used its port to bring in supplies for their war effort against Unther.[3]

In 1374 DR, the vanished people returned much like they had vanished, but transformed into aasimar and as part of a military group known as the Legion of Nanna-Sin, that opposed the Mulhorandi.[7]

Shussel was destroyed alongside the rest of Unther during the Spellplague of 1385 DR.[4]



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