Shyael Ildacer was a High Mage during the Fall of Myth Drannor.[2]


Shyael was born in −227 DR and was for many years a High Court Mage.[1]

In 667 DR, after the death of Eltargrim Irithyl and his niece Aravae Irithyl, and the disappearance of the Srinshee, Shyael called a council of nobles and representative members of each of the races living in Myth Drannor to discuss how to rule the city from that point on. This became the early Council of Twelve and Shyael was granted a seat in it.[2]

In 685 DR, Shyael formed a new group called the Eternal Srinnala, devoted to following the teachings of the Srinshee. They hoped to gather around them the common folk of the city and believed fully in the Srinshee's prophecy that one day the archwizards would come back and a new coronal would emerge. The group soon became very popular and influential, gathering more than 100 wizards among elves, half-elves, and humans, mostly female.

During the Weeping War, Shyael led her fellows in the defense of the city, fighting valorously in the Battle at Silversgate at Tarsakh 1113 of 712 DR and collaborating with both the N'Vaelahr and the Akh'Faer in some missions. However, after the catastrophic Mezzoloth Marches of EleasiasMarpenoth of 713 DR, more than half of Shyael's followers decided to gather as much hidden magic as possible and left Cormanthyr.[3]

Shyael however died in the city's fall in 714 DR.[1]


Shyael greatly respected and admired her teacher the Srinshee. She was the fourth sister of Myriil Ildacer VI, the elder of Ildacer House.[4]



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