Shyr was a continent on the planet of Abeir.[1] It was the equivalent in that world to the Torilian continent of Faerûn.[2]


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Akanûl was once part of Shyr, until it was exchanged with parts of the lands of Chondath and western Chessenta, which in turn became part of that Abeiran continent.[3]

For a time, the lands of Unther were also part of this continent.[4]


Its known inhabitants were genasi[1] and Primordials,[5] such as Karshimis, who was the last known ruler of the continent before the Spellplague transported Akanûl to Toril.[3]

For a time, the second incarnation of Gilgeam was also an inhabitant of Shyr.[4]


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The Anarchs of Shyr were an arcane order tasked with the protection of the Shyran population.[6]


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