Silicon Sorcery was a column published in Dragon magazine. It debuted in December 1999 (Dragon #266) and ended in October 2005 (Dragon #336). The column focused on RPG and simulation games for computers and consoles.


Note that only articles relating to Realms canon (relating to the Forgotten Realms or Core D&D) appear here.

Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon #267 Review of Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas Johnny Wilson "The best way to acquire high quality maps" [citation template]
Dragon #274 Everybody into the Pool Johnny Wilson Managing magic items in game, plus a look at the items in Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor. [citation template]
Dragon #275 Snow Job Johnny Wilson How Icewind Dale can teach you to DM better. [citation template]
Dragon #278 Magic from Icewind Dale J.E. Sawyer Magic items from the Icewind Dale game. [citation template]
Dragon #288 The Legacy of Baldur's Gate: The Bhaalspawn Dave Gaider and James Ohlen Bhaal is apparently as promiscuous as Zeus, so there's a template for his many children. [citation template]
Dragon #294 Neverwinter Nights Aaron Loeb New magic items adapted from Neverwinter Nights, the D&D-based computer game. [citation template]
Dragon #296 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Will McDermott Boss monsters for your D&D game from Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. [citation template]
Dragon #302 Neverwinter Nights Clifford Horowitz Glyph guardians and other monsters from Neverwinter Nights. [citation template]
Dragon #303 The Lost Horrors of Neverwinter Nights Clifford Horowitz Presenting monsters from Neverwinter Nights. [citation template]
Dragon #306 Icewind Dale 2 Clifford Horowitz Icewind Dale 2: The game of Battle Squares. [citation template]
Dragon #322 Shadows of Undrentide Clifford Horowitz Adapting the second Neverwinter Nights expansion back to D&D. [citation template]


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