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Silmerhelve (pronounced: /ˈsɪlmɜːrhɛlvSIL-mur-helv[1][2]) was a noble family of Waterdeep in the 14th century DR.[1]

Base of Operations[]

The Silmerhelve family villa (labeled $28) circa 1372 DR.

The family villa was located on the south side of Chasso's Trot between Copper Street and the High Road. Southwest across Copper Street was the Artemel family compound, and northeast across the High Road was the home of the noble Crommor family.[3][4]

Their principal country estate, Helvenblade House, was located near the northeastern edge of Kryptgarden Forest, northwest of Westbridge.[1][5]


The bronze dragon Nymmurh watched over the Silmerhelves using scrying magic.[6] Another draconic friend of the family, the secretive bronze dragon Umsheryoth, guarded Helvenblade House.[5]


One of several magical heirlooms held by the family was Nimoar's blazing bulwark, a magical shield borne by Nimoar the Reaver. After Nimoar's death, the blazing bulwark came to the family, where it was passed down for generations.[7][8]


The Silmerhelve family was ennobled in 1259 DR.[1]

In the early 14th century DR, the heir of the family, Laerlos Silmerhelve II, rebelled against his parents' wishes and joined the Moonlight Men, led by famed bard Mintiper Moonsilver. Laerlos II died in the Battle of Turnstone Pass against a horde of orcs. His death sent his parents into depression from which they never fully recovered. Several of the family's heirlooms were lost. The items were sought by the family and included the griffonlance of goring, Nimoar's blazing bulwark, and the silverhelm of the Guardian, which was a relic of the god Helm.[7]

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