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Silpara Tesper was a wizard and noblewoman of the Waterdhavian noble house Tesper.[3][1]


She lived within Tespergates located at the corner of Mendever Street and Delzorin Street in the central section of Waterdeep's Sea Ward.[4][5][6][7]


Silpara was slain by assassins sent by a younger brother who believed she would use her skills with magic to claim power within the family. Her ghost remained within Tespergates, quietly haunting the family villa.[8][2]

Silpara once appeared directly next to a Harper named Nleera who was impersonating her ghost during a party at Tespergates, foiling the Harper's disguise and leading to her discovery by Armult Tesper who later married the Harper.[2]


Silpara's sister was Yulhymbra.[1][2]



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