The Silver Flood Inn was a boarding house found in the town of Daggerford during the latter half of the 15th century DR.[1]


Its decorations played up the theme of a "mining" town. Its walls were adorned with mining equipment and it offered "silver" plates and flatware, which were in fact made of pewter.[1]


The inn offered good rooms for rent at reasonable prices.[1]


During the mid–15th century, Daggerford experienced a swell in residents as silver was discovered within the nearby Sword Hills. The inn was formed and named in response to this "silver rush".[1]

The Silver Flood's owners came to their position in a quite unusual manner. While they were guests of the inn, Connar Filvarson and Ganfar Redgrin became quite drunk and did a fair amount of damage to the establishment. Rather than be arrested, they offered an enormous diamond as recompense to its owner and, by means of an agreement with the then-current duke, settled the situation. The two men became the new innkeepers of the Silver Flood, its previous owner was granted significant wealth, and the duke was able to add a new piece of diamond jewelry to his collection.[1]





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