A Silver Stake gas bomb was a unique invention used by the Silver Stake to subdue and capture lycanthropes.[1]


It was invented by the alchemist Dram Kallen of Baldur's Gate.[1]


The bombs looked like small, tightly sealed leather or cloth pouches that faintly radiated abjuration magic.[1]


The bombs were pressurized with a substance to which lycanthropes were allergic (this varied with the type of lycanthrope although typically might be catnip or wolfsbane). When the bomb was thrown against a hard surface, it exploded and scattered the contents over a radius of around 15' (4.8 m).[1]

They could cause a severe reaction of coughing and sneezing in a lycanthrope for around a minute, after which the effects begin to subside, but usually remained for the next 24 hours.[1]



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