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The Silvery Sembian Snail was a tavern and festhall located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. Its proprietor was Housemaster Roond Asmyrk.[1][2]


The Silvery Sembian Snail was named after the Silvery She-Snail, who was actually a famous nightclub dancer from Sembia.[1]

The tavern was in business by 1358 DR.[2] It was still in business circa 1369 DR, and quickly growing famous.

After several drunken parties spread from the Snail and into the town and disturbed livestock, Lord Sarp Redbeard reprimanded Roond Asmyrk, who began to use sobering spells on patrons and developed more indoor entertainments.[1]

Famed traveler Volothamp Geddarm wrote about the business in Volo's Guide to Cormyr.[1]


The tavern lay at the main crossroads with the Way of the Manticore on the eastern bank of Wheloon.[1]


The Snail was a place of comfort, luxury and fun, with merry parties that could grow noisy.[1]


The tavern had an impressive wine cellar that outdid those of many nobles and merchants of Cormyr, Sembia, and Waterdeep. However, the Housemaster, Roond Asmyrk, also used magic to alter the taste and smell of lesser wines to create "shadow wines" that resembled far more expensive vintages. A connoisseur could purchase both and compare them if they wished.

It was also almost a festhall, with the main attraction considered to be the beautiful and charming wait-staff who also worked as escorts. They served the wines, helped the patrons drink them, and also made much of the wine themselves. Several of the women learned the teachings of Sune, goddess of love and beauty, from Asmyrk, a retired cleric.

There were a few special indoor installations for entertainment. There were swing ropes from the gallery, heated and scented bathtubs to soak in, and a room filled haystacks and lit by spells that mimicked moonlight.

To prevent inebriated patrons and escorts causing trouble outside, Asmyrk cast spells upon them to induce some sobriety.

Despite the name, the inn had no Sembian ownership.[1]