The simbarchs of Aglarond are a loosely bound order of wizards who take their inspiration and principal teachings from the Simbul, a powerful sorceress who for a time ruled over Aglarond before her disappearance during the Era of Upheaval. Though the Simbul is now gone her ideological descendants continue to hold a prominent place in Aglarond, effectivelly acting as the ruling class of the nation. Regardless of whether a simbarch is part of this cultured elite or not, all draw on the same spells and arcane secrets that made the Simbul well-known throughout Faerûn.[1]


While she was ruler of Aglarond, the Simbul took on many apprentices and learners, much as she herself had learned under Elminster. To these students she taught the art of using magic, while also embellishing her lessons with inventions of her own. When she disappeared, her apprentices gathered together to collect this knowledge and preserve it, calling themselves simbarchs in honor of their departed master. Since then simbarchs have taken on students of their own, passing on the ways of the Simbul to form a new tradition of arcane magic in Faerûn. Today, a handful of the Simbul's students yet live, and many of them serve, alongside their own apprentices, as members of Aglarond's ruling council, which only simbarchs are allowed to participate in.[1]

Not all simbarchs belong to this elite magocracy and many simbarchs prefer to avoid the responsibilities and messy details of politics that are a part of becoming a council member. Even when a simbarch does so, it can take months or years before their hard work pays off. As a result, most simbarchs prefer to act independently, with only loose connections to Aglarond's political hierarchy. However, though operating autonomously, most simbarchs continue to follow the teachings of the Simbul in more than magical practice. The ideal simbarch is, like the Simbul, a compassionate and restrained individual who, nonetheless, when provoked, acts with righteous wrath towards the villainous.[1]


Simbarchs of Aglarond obtain a number of special abilities through their training and tutelage under masters of the order. Like the Simbul herself, most simbarchs have an specialization in healing magic unusual to wizards. Early in their training, simbarchs learn to use their control of the arcane to fuel their body's vitality, making them both more resilient and quicker to healing. With additional training, simbarchs of Aglarond learn to further this process, allowing to bounce back from grave injuries to health with a quick surge of energy.[1]

The spells used by simbarchs have a similar focus on healing. For instance, the synostodweomer spell, is a healing spell that, though inefficient, can provide the caster or an ally with a much needed boost in stamina. The Simbul's tempest spell is similar, using a telekinetic blast of energy to not only blast away foes but to blast away ailments and hindering effects as well.[1]


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