Simov the Pious was a cleric of Oghma in the Graypeaks in the Savage Frontier, and a regional agent of the Moonstars in the 1370s DR.[1]


Simov once helped to destroy a powerful lich living in Seshrentor.

At one point, as a gift from Oghma for his loyal service, he used a wish spell and the god gave him the ability to know everything that went on around him. Overwhelmed by the knowledge, Simov retreated into the isolated Seshrentor, where Khelben Arunsun brought him books that he copied and collected books.

In the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, Khelben asked Simov to join the Moonstars and Simov accepted.[1]


Simov dwelt in Seshrentor, a tower north-northeast of Llorkh in the Graypeaks. The former home of the defeated lich, it served as his scriptorium and was stuffed with the many books he collected or copied, some given to him by Khelben.[1]


As a regional agent of the Moonstars, Simov's task was to monitor events in the Graypeaks and the Fallen Lands beyond them.[1]


Thanks to his wish, Simov knew everything that happened around him in a one-mile (1.6 kilometer) radius, including the movements of all people and even their thoughts.[1]


Simov preferred to stay alone in his tower, in order to remain sane after the effects of the power that Oghma gave to him.[1]