Simril was an annual winter festival on Nightal 20, celebrated along the Sword Coast in cities such as Waterdeep[1] and Neverwinter.[2]

Celebration[edit | edit source]

Simril was chiefly celebrated after dark, when the stars were visible across the sky. Celebrants located stars associated with their own births, or with their ancestors. Those without a lucky star could purchase star maps from merchants to help divine which belonged to them, based on when and where they were born. Cloudy weather was considered especially favorable on Simril, as finding one's star on an overcast sky was viewed as a blessing from Tymora. Simril was celebrated outside, with people trying to stay awake the entire night gathered around bonfires with plenty of music, food, and warm drinks.[1]

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Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
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NeverwinterIdle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

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