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Simulacrum (pronounced: /sɪmjˈlækrʌmsim-yoo-LÆK-rum[12] or: /sɪˈmʊlɑːkrʌmsi-MUL-a-krum[12]) was an illusion spell.[3]


The spell allowed the creation of a moving ice-statue look-alike of a person. The caster cast the spell on a rough humanoid form shaped from snow or ice. The form then became a look-alike of a specific person with capabilities not as good as those of the original. How much it actually looked like the original depended on the mundane disguise ability of the caster. Damage to the figure could only be repaired with special equipment and effort. The figure was under the complete control of the caster and could be ordered to do anything.[3]


Simulacrum used verbal, somatic, and material components, namely a snow or ice figure, a body part of the creature to be copied (something like a hair sufficed), and ruby powder that increased in amount in relation to the creature to be copied.[3]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Chever in −1903 DR and was originally called Chever's simulacrum.[1]



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