A singing sword was either a +1 greatsword,[2] or a +3 bastard sword, made of silver, that sang constantly, and loudly, when drawn.[1] They were specifically crafted for members of the Harpers.[2]


The song of the singing sword increased the morale of its wielder, increasing their capabilities in combat and protecting them from mind-altering effects.[2] The more powerfully-enchanted version of the weapon granted completely immunity from these effects, and caused the spell emotion to only incite rage within the wielder. The song could also induce a suggestion like effect in certain nearby creatures within earshot, cause shriekers to remain perfectly still and counteracted the songs of harpies.[1]

Despite the powers of the sword's song, they could be negated by a counter-harmony sung by a bard.[1]


The goddess Eilistraee gifted twenty holy singing bastard swords to Qilue Veladorn and the drow of the Promenade of the Dark Maiden.[3]



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