Singye was a city in the kingdom of Koryo in Kara-Tur.[2][1]


Singye lay at the edge of the great Quang Muku Forest, by the sea.[3]

E'Tyon Bay lay just north of Singye.[2]


By 1357 DR, E'Tyon Bay had become infested by tigerworms, which sunk four fishing boats and a merchant ship. Singye authorities offered a reward to any who could eliminate the menace.[2]

In that year, following battles between Koryoan troops and advance forces of Kozakura around Karak in the south, around a thousand refugees fled to Singye and camped outside the city.[2]


Singye was home to the wu jen Yuraka, owner of the last known scroll case of the Ky Trencha Ukang.[4][5]



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