Sinveri Trollkin was a quarter-drow half-elf woman who served as the general of the armed forces of Ulgarth around 1367 DR. She hailed originally from the land of Dambrath, but had turned renegade.[note 1][note 2]

Sinveri was a capable leader and intelligent. She was a devout follower of Tyr, god of justice and warfare.[1]



  1. The Shining South says that Sinveri is an elf, but also says there are no elves in Dambrath, only half-elves and half-drow. Thus, it seems more likely that this is only a description, and that Sinveri is a half-elf, mostly liked counted as a half-drow.
  2. Her relationship to trolls is unknown. However, the word "drow" is etymologically related to the word "troll", suggesting similar linguistics here.


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