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Sirac of Suzail was an acolyte of Torm in Bryn Shander sometime after the War of the Silver Marches.[2]


Sirac was the son of the famous adventurer Artus Cimber, but was given up as a baby. He grew up in an orphanage in Suzail, and learned to fend for himself living on the city's streets as a teenager. Although orphaned, Sirac was always aware of his lineage.[2]

In the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, he joined a caravan to Baldur's Gate. He then traveled to Neverwinter before finally arriving in Bryn Shander, where he intended to work as a knucklehead trout fisherman. He befriended Dellvon Ludwig, who converted him to the worship of the god Torm.[2]

Sirac was present at the local House of the Triad when giants attacked Bryn Shander.[3]


Sirac belived firmly in duty and honor. He was honest at heart and felt he had found a true home in Icewind Dale.[1]


Behind the scenes[]

Sirac was one of the special NPCs that can be played by the players during the campaign's arc in their city.