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The Sirocco were a mercenary company based in Anauroch around 1358 DR.[1]


The Sirocco's simple tactics consisted of waving their scimitars over their heads and shrieking out a ululant war cry and attacking. However, they had the best desert scouts and always knew their enemy's tactics.[1]



The Sirocco consisted of light cavalry. Nearly 30 were armed with bows.[1]


The Sirocco charged 120 gold pieces per week. Plus they wanted some luxury items and news from the greater Realms. They always respected their oath, but anyone betraying them earned themselves a tireless enemy.[1]


The Sirocco arrived in Faerûn around 1346 DR from a distant southern land, perhaps even Zakhara. They fought well in the Shaar and in the Old Empires until they eventually settled in Anauroch, where they established good relationships with the Bedine. They operated as caravan guards, becoming an enemy of the Zhentarim over time.[1]


They were commanded by the female elf Hajima sitt-Nasir.[1]