The Sisters of Synnoria were an all-female cavalry company that served the realm of Synnoria on the island of Gwynneth, one of the Moonshae Isles, circa the Year of the Saddle, 1345 DR.[1]


The Sisters were all Llewyrr elves from the kingdom of Synnoria. They were scouts as well as warriors and used bows and swords. They dressed in white and rode white horses. As of 1345 DR, their captain was Brigit.[1]


Traditionally, the Sisters pledged their service for one year to a person of royal blood that was able to take Avalon as a steed.[2]


In the Year of the Saddle, 1345 DR, the Sisters were in service to Prince Tristan Kendrick of Corwell.[1] They escorted the prince and his companions through Synnoria while holding off an army of Northmen.[3] Another conflict they were involved in was the Battle of Freeman's Down and the siege of Caer Corwell, both against the Bloodriders, undead horsemen that served Kazgaroth the Beast.[1]

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