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The Sisters of the Blood Moon, was an all-female adventuring band from Silverymoon that served Selûne, active circa 1310 DR.[1]


The Sisters of the Blood were assembled shortly before the Year of Storms, 1310 DR by S'feria Ranul, a drow woman raised by moon elves. The band took on the weighty task of protecting and helping the needy, oppressed, and abused. S'feria was a devote worshiper and a Silverstar of Selûne who found like-minded sisters guided by the caring gaze of her goddess. The women stuck together despite their differences as their kinship grew stronger. S'feria's sophistication and strong leadership were the glue that kept the adventurers together.[1]

Oagla'ta, a massive half-orcish woman, and her companion gray dwarf Nyzeil Nighthammer were the first to join S'feria's troupe. Both women were different from most of their kin and did not carry villainy in their hearts. When they arrived at Silverymoon, the city guard greeted them with bigotry. S'feria Ranul intervened, showing kindness to Oagla'ta and Nyzeil; subsequently, the drow Silverstar gained loyal comrades in the peculiar couple. Nevae Quar, Hylei Shadowhand, and Kylei Shadowhand joined soon after when the Sisters of the Blood by chance. S'feria's band was ambushed by a dozen goblins, and passersby Neva and the Shadowhand twins rushed to the Sisters' aid.[1]

In 1310 DR, S'feria Ranul received a note from a far northern town of Targos asking for help in the growing unrest in Icewind Dale, promising the Sisters of the Blood gold and fame. Bound by oath to help those in need, the Sisters of the Blood Moon packed and headed to lend their hand to the troubled city.[1]



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