The sitting dog was a magical chalice carved in the shape of a dog. It was one of the Wo-ha Ui-jung, a collection of magical vessels created by the Han people of Koryo in ancient times.


The powers of the sitting dog were uncertain; they were listed in obscure records, but these accounts contradicted one another. It was variously said to allow its bearer to set something ablaze with only a look, or to sing that could hypnotize those who heard, or to cure blight-stricken crops, but it also might cause baldness.


As one of the Wo-ha Ui-jung, the sitting dog's powers had most likely at one stage influenced the history of Koryo.

The sitting dog was last used by the hero Niofu Sangto, who in the year Koryo 812 defeated the Kozakuran navy in the Battle of Wui Eyong.[note 1]

However, the sitting dog was later lost by 1357 DR.[1][2]



  1. This date is unknown in familiar calendars.


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