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Sittl was a malenti spy of Ascarle.[2]


Sittl was a great actor, always with the facade of a happy and generous person. In truth, he was a sadist with a bloodlust.[2]


Sittl posed as an aquatic elf ranger and normally wandered the Trackless Sea with fellow sea elf ranger Xzorsh.


He assisted Xzorsh in 1361 DR to help the Elfmaid, which was pursued by the Kraken Society of Ascarle and by Rethnor of Luskan.[2] However, pretending to ask for reinforcements, Sittl secretly informed his master of the ship's location and disappeared.[3]

Xzorsh searched for him and finally found Sittl on Ruathym under the charm of a kelpie. Sittl tried to kill Xzorsh but failed and they reconciled. Sittl said that he had been captured by a group of merrow.[4] However, the drow wizard Liriel Baenre read Sittl's mind and saw strange images, starting to suspect the truth. After some investigation, she deducted the truth of Sittl.[5]

At last, Xzorsh found Sittl inside Ascarle with the Northlander traitor Dragmar and finally Sittl revealed the truth to his presumed friend. However, Xzorsh easily killed Sittl.[1]


Xzorsh, a sea elf, was Sittl's presumed partner and close friend[6] until the elf discovered Sittl's allegiance to Ascarle.[7]