Sivs were frog-headed, humanoid creatures that lived in the ruins in the marshes of Chelimber.[1]


The sivs had clammy frog-like skin ranging in color from pale green to dark blue. Like the bullywugs, they were amphibious humanoids with frog heads and webbed digits. They were very fleet of foot and were known for their graceful movements.[1]


Sivs were calculating and tactical, carefully assessing a situation before making a move, and planning very far ahead. They were both highly disciplined and elitist, looking down on other races despite their relative smallness in the world.[1]


Sivs did not wade into combat without taking precautions. They would use a combination of nets and slingshot stones to weaken dangerous opposition before directly attacking. They trained siangham-wielding monks and in the use of nets. Their bodies had grown accustomed to the cold marshes they inhabited, granting them cold resistance. However, their most unique ability was their power to walk on water as if it were a solid surface. They ran on top of the water, outmaneuvering those who entered their swamps. However, they were capable of losing their footing while running on the water, causing them to sink and requiring them to regain their stance. Water with waves above 6 inches (15 centimeters) was too loose for them to run on.[1]


Sivs lived in enigmatic and monastic orders, established within ruins located in their swamps. Sivs preferred to rule from the shadows, orchestrating communities of swamp-going races like lizardfolk and acting as the true ruling powers of such areas.[1] They were believed to have an intense rivalry with bullywugs, especially by the bullywugs themselves, but this was nothing but a façade. They occupied the inner areas of the swamp and only allowed the bullywugs to survive to act as a barrier between them and outside forces, due to their appreciation for privacy and isolation. The other reason was that bullywugs tasted especially palatable to the sivs.[2] They were egotistical, made cocky by their dominance in their swamp territories and believed themselves to be an elite race. Attempts to conquer outside lands held by humans and goblinoids always failed, leaving them surprised.[1]


Siv clerics were relatively few, and took the Law and Evil, as well as Death and Water domains.[1]



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