The Skeletal Finger thieves guild were a notorious band of ambitious and powerful rogues active from the waning years of the 11th century DR to the mid 12th century. Wherein they caused widespread chaos, political upheaval and the loss of at least one sacred relic.

Operating out of a nigh-impregnable hideout in the Small Teeth, the first act definately attributed to the guild was the assassination of Imnel IV in 1094 DR which would spell the end of the Torlath royal family of Amn a year later. They were blamed for numerous problems in both Amn and Tethyr, generally causing chaos in the lands surrounding their secret base.

Some time in 1128 DR, in the wake of the defeat of the Magelords of Mintar by the Harpers, the Skeletal Finger came across many documents detailing an intricate plan of revenge against the dragon Sharpfangs, who had ravaged Mintar over a century earlier, including the location of her lair in the Marching Mountains and a few tantalising details about her impressive hoard.[1]

It would be another 34 years until they finally acted upon this information but until then they pulled one more famous job in 1142 DR: The theft of the Monocle of Bagthalos, a sacred and powerful relic of Helm, crafted only a year before the theft to, ironically, catch invisible thieves who were constantly breaking into the temple run by Helm's Archpriest in Zazesspur.[2] Either as a mockery to the Helmite clergy or because the guild did not understand the relic's power (or understood it all too well), the relic was put up for sale in the black markets of Athkatla & Ithmong for a paltry 45,000 gold pieces.[3]

In 1162 DR though, the guild finally invaded Sharpfang's lair, getting past her traps but unfortunately for them, waking the mighty dragon in the process. The would-be thieves fled and enraged, Sharpfangs followed them back to their hideout. She slaughtered the guild to a man and took all of their accumulated loot, including the monocle.[4] By 1362 DR, with all of her traps at home disabled, she moved her hoard into the Skeletal Finger chapterhouse, making it her new lair and improving upon the defenses already set in place for the next 200 years (in-between her customary long periods of sleep).[5]

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