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Skie Silvershield was an innocent and extremely naive member of the Silvershield patriar family who lived in Baldur's Gate during the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]

"Life as a noble is boring and stupid. I want to do something great with my life."
— Skie, as a member of the Coalition


Skie was very well-educated. She was schooled in history, well trained in the dancing discipline of ballet, and could speak a number of languages.[1]

She was very nimble and dexterous, in part due to her training as a dancer.[1]


Skie Silvershield lived in the long shadow cast by her father, Grand Duke Entar Silvershield. As Duke Silvershield was considered a hero by many at a relatively young age, Skie wanted to make her own mark on the world.[2]


She reputably enjoyed sneaking out of the safety of her father's well-guarded estate and held unrealistic dreams of a life of adventure.[1]


Skie had a paramour in Eldoth Kron, a bard from Ruathym who studied at New Olamn in Waterdeep. She trusted him without any reservation, while he in turn could be quite dismissive and actually cared little for her.[1]

Some time later she became somewhat close to Bence Duncan, who despite their frequent arguments, was in fact quite fond of her.[2]

She was an acquaintance of the Hero of Baldur's Gate, having encountered them a number of times both within the city and again later across the Sword Coast.[1][2]


In her youth, Skie received an education that befit someone of her noble birth.[1]

As of the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, she reportedly awaited "rescue" by her lover Eldoth. She sought to join him in a life of travel and adventure. Eldoth care little for the "adventures" they could have together and planned to ransom her one of Duke Silvershield's agents, Elkart.[1]

When the Shining Crusade arose as a threat to the Sword Coast in the fall of that year, Skie joined the Flaming Fist under an assumed name. Unbeknownst to Skie, her father was aware of her actions and tasked Corporal Bence Duncan with her protection before the soldiers left Baldur's Gate.[2]

As she did at the family estate in the city, Skie often snuck away from the Flaming Fist camp as the soldiers marched north to rally with the rest of the Coalition. When she tried to scout out Dragonspear Castle she was nearly killed by a band of mercenaries.[2]

Skie's body on the floor of Dragonspear Castle

After the Shining Crusade was defeated, and the Coalition forces took over Dragonspear Castle, Skie found herself alone with an anonymous hooded figure and the Hero of Baldur's Gate in the middle of the night. In all appearances, the hooded man transformed Skie into some horrific creature, whom the hero was forced to slay in self-defense. Afterwards, the hero was left splattered with her blood and it was discovered that Skie's soul was trapped within a magical dagger. In truth Skie was killed by the other man and her fellow companion of the Coalition was framed for her murder.[2]

Rumors & Legends[]

It was rumored that Skie and Bence Duncan were romantically involved during the time they served together in the Flaming Fist.[2]



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Skie is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

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