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The skill domain was a deity domain that focused on expertise and proficiency.[1]




The skill domain was associated with excellence achieved in many fields, from art to knowledge. Deities such as Corellon and Oghma claimed the skill domain, as they were patrons of artistic skill. The Creator of the Elves was known for appreciating art in its visual form, as well as art created by elves and eladrin. The Binder of What is Known had many followers versed in lore, invention, and knowledge. Sune appreciated the skill it took to create beauty and the art associated with it.[2] Bane called for his worshipers to become skilful in using both weapons and employing battle tactics.[1]


Any divine caster who worshiped a deity of this domain would become better at skills they were trained in, and gained access to the righteous brand prayer. Clerics of the skill domain could inspire excellence among their allies, granting them more success with a skill for a short time.[1]




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