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Skiurids were squirrel-like creatures native to the Plane of Shadow.[1]


Skiurids were about 14 inches (36 centimeters) long, excluding the tail. They resembled gaunt squirrels with dark gray or black fur and reddish eyes.[1]


Skiurids could see in complete darkness and possessed the ability to "jump" from shadow to shadow up to three times each day; they could only jump 30 feet (9.1 meters) (cumulative) in distance each day.[1]

Additionally, skiurids could replicate a magical effect similar to the darkness spell three times each day; this effect also drained the life from other creatures within it, transforming the stolen life force into nuggets of pure shadow. It did not affect undead or other creatures of shadow.[1]


Skiurids were natives of the Plane of Shadow who fed on stolen life force in the form of shadow nuggets. They lived in colonies of as many as thirty-four members. Skiurids typically lived two to three years but could live as long as five years. They were adults at six months of age. Females could give birth to several litters in a year, depending on the food supply.[1]

Creatures such as dusk beasts and shadow mastiffs were frequent predators of skiurids, and spellcasters, especially necromancers, sought them out for the shadow nuggets they produced. Shadar-kai and some cultists of Shar were known to keep them as pets, of sorts.[1]