Skulvyns were aquatic, bestial demons whose magical aura was stronger than their lack of intelligence would suggest.[1]


Skulvyns resembled large lizards with clawed, webbed feet and a snake-like head with a gaping jaw and black eyes. They also had four tails, each with razor-sharp spines, which they also used when swimming.[1]


Skulvyn were capable swimmers, but were slow on dry land. Like other demons, they possessed darkvision and could speak the Abyssal language.[1]

In a fight, skulvyn preferred to use their tail spines, which left wounds that would continue to bleed until healed by magic. However, the most potent ability of the skulvyns was their magical aura, which caused any other creatures within 30 ft (9.1 m) to slow down, similar in effect to the spell of the same name.[1]


Skulvyns were primarily aquatic demons that hunted either alone, or in schools of 2–12 members.[1] They could be found on the fiendish plane of Fated Depths.[2]

Skulvyns could be summoned by the summon monster IV spell.[1]




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