The Sky Pony tribe were a band of Uthgardt barbarians in the Spine of the World.[1] The tribe's totem animal was the pegasus[4] and their ancestral mound was the One Stone.[5]


The Sky Pony tribe were fanatically devoted to Uthgar's ally Tempus.[5]


Around the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, the self-proclaimed "Lord of the Vale", Wolmad Eaglewing, led a group of Sky Ponies and formed a camp in the Nether Mountains. They acted as little more than bandits, demanding payment from those passing through the Sundabar Vale and Old Delzoun, all while the tribe's chieftain was dying in a camp nearby.[2]

The barbarians of the Sky Pony tribes harassed and raided the orcs that poured out of the mountains during the War of the Silver Marches. During this conflict their chieftain at the time, Arnzan Vashk, was badly wounded, an orcish spearhead stuck in his chest.[3]


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