Slanya was a monk of Kelemvor living at the monastery in the city of Ormpetarr.[1]


Slanya was tall and lithe. Her head was shaven, except for a characteristic sidelock of blonde hair wrapped in thin white leather straps that barely reaches her shoulder. At the base of her skull where it met the spine was a blue outlined and filled with red and green inked tattoo depicting the sign of Kelemvor, a skeletal hand holding a set of scales.[1] After she traveled into the Plaguewrought Land with Duvan, she acquired a spellscar that permeated her entire body.


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Slanya was orphaned at an early age and was sent to live with her aunt in Impiltur. Slanya's aunt abused her and she set a fire that killed her aunt although she has no conscious memory of the event. After her aunt's death, Brother Gregor took Slanya to the Kelemvoran monastery for training. She journeyed with the monks to Ormpetarr when Gregor convinced the monastery to relocate. She served under high priestess Kaylinn in Ormpetarr.[1] Her primary duty was to tend the funeral pyres of pilgrims who died from exposure to the spellplague.

Brother Gregor send Slanya on a mission into the Plaguewrought Land to gather plaguegrass for an elixir he was concocting. Because Duvan was immune to the effects of the spellplague and could confer immunity to those in his immediate vicinity, Slanya, with Tyrangal's help, convinced Duvan to travel with her. While in the Plaguewrought Land, she was exposed to the spellplague and acquired a spellscar that enabled her to modify the spellscar abilities of others.[2]

After they returned from the Plaguewrought Land, Duvan was captured by the Order of Blue Flame and imprisoned. Slanya led a rescue and in the process killed Duvan's former ally Beaugrat. Slanya participated in the attack that disrupted the Order's attempt to enlarge the Plaguewrought Land. She overused her spellscar abilities and died shortly after the battle and was cremated at the monastery.[2]


After acquiring her spellscar, Slanya was able to enhance or inhibit the spellscar abilities of others.[2]


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