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Slavery was a practice among certain cultures that forced a sentient creature to serve another, often against their will. Slavery differed from other forms of service such as indentured servitude or apprenticeship in that slavery was of an indefinite duration and the slave rarely had any choice in the arrangement.

Slavery in the RealmsEdit


Slavery was legal in Athkatla.[1]

Calimshan Edit

Slaves were a normal social class in Calimshan.[2]

High ImaskarEdit

Slavery was illegal in the realm of High Imaskar.[3]


Slavery was outlawed in the city of Hulburg on the Moonsea.[4]


The majority of Mulhorandi were slaves. Slaves in Mulhorand were guaranteed humane treatment by law and were treated better than slaves in other lands.[5]


Slavery was illegal in Procampur and any slaves brought into the city were freed.[6]

Ravens BluffEdit

Slavery was illegal in Ravens Bluff but there was an active slave trade with the drow in the Underdark beneath the city.[7]


Slavery was legal and commonplace in Thay. Thayan enclaves brought slavery (though only inside the enclave grounds) to several settlements all over Faerûn. Though not permitted to trade in slaves out of the enclave, this did sometimes occur.[8]


Slavery was a fact of life among 'civilised' Underdark cultures such as the drow and they were known to keep slaves of many races. Aberrations like the mind flayers and aboleths kept charmed or dominated thralls instead of slaves.

Noted slavesEdit

Noted slaversEdit


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