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Slayer genies were tasked genies who served to commit murder as often as possible.[1]

All tasked genies ran the risk of eventually becoming slayers if they were not able to retain their sanity while repeatedly performing their given tasks. Slayer genies were initially used by powerful genie lords to intimidate their enemies and rivals, but were later used by noble genies to eliminate targets.[2]


Slayer genies had four muscular arms and dark skin. One pair of their hands resembled lion’s paws and the other pair resembled clawed human hands. They had red eyes that burned like fire. A third green eye sat on their forehead in between two horns. Two wings protruded from their backs.[1]

Slayer genies stood 10 ft (3 m) tall.[1]


Stealth was a slayer genie’s favored method of attack. They could cast blindness, silence 15' radius, darkness, improved invisibility, ventriloquism, misdirection, assume gaseous form, polymorph self, and dimension door.[1]

They could attack with all four arms and their strength added terrible power to their strikes.[1]


Slayer genies were believed to be created to terrorize the enemies of the genie lords, but they served as perfect assassins during the noble genie's power struggles as well.[1]

They were fascinated by every aspect of violence and enjoyed discussing it with anyone who would listen.[1]


Tasked genies who were driven mad became slayer genies.[1]

Slayer genies viewed all creatures as potential obstacles whose only purpose was to die at their hands. The only exception to this were undead, which the slayer genies were unsure whether they should even bother “killing” since they were technically dead.[1]



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