Slim was a wererat of Ship Rethnor in Icewind Dale in 1485 DR.[1]


Slim was a wererat fighter member of Ship Rethnor in Luskan. He and his friend Marek the Shank were the main leaders of the Rethnor men that followed Vaelish Gant in Icewind Dale. They started a protection racket in Bryn Shander and supported Vaelish in his political plot.

Slim stole animals from Aglonell's traps on Eleint 6. Some days later, Slim and Marek stole silver weapons ordered by the Harper Aarun from Dunavan's warehouse. On Highharvestide, Silm and Marek kidnapped the Speaker of Bryn Shander, Duvessa Shane, on the day of an election and Vaelish proposed himself as substitute, pretending to appear reluctant.[1]



In order to fight Akar Kessell and Hedrun Arnsfirth, the adventurers could potentially allow to Vaelish to succeed in his plan.


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