Slingstar was an alteration/evocation spell that allowed the caster to transform a number of stones or bullets, that were fired from a sling, into arcane projectiles that resembled magic missiles.[1]


When cast, this spell charged a wizard's sling with magical energy, causing it to transform mundane ammunition into magic missiles over a matter of a several seconds. These missiles were affected by any items, spells or abilities that affected typical magic missiles however they were capable of penetrating the defenses of the abjuration spell shield.[1]

The number of projectiles that could be transformed and released under a single casting of slingstar increased depending on the power and experience of the caster.[1]


This spell was commonly known by several members of the City Watch of Waterdeep.[1]


In addition to a verbal components, slingstar used the motion of the caster whirling their sling as a somatic component. Its material component consisted of any stones or bullets that were fired during the spell's duration.[1]


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