Slobberchops was the pet tressym of the Vanthampur family from Baldur's Gate in the late 15th century DR.[3]


The tressym had a mean appearance, with multiple scars and a bobbed tail.[1]


Slobberchops had no feeling of loyalty toward the Valthampurs. It particularly disliked Thurstwell Valthampur and his imp spies. Such was Slobberchops's contempt for its masters that it eagerly followed and helped any visitor who offered it food, warning them of potential dangers within Valthampur Villa.[1]


Like all tressym, Slobberchops had the ability to see invisible creatures and objects, an ability that was frequently used to spot hidden imps.[1]


By the Year of Twelve Warnings, 1494 DR,[note 1] Slobberchops lived in the villa's kitchen, feeding off rats and scraps.[1] The tressym was depicted in numerous family paintings and was featured in a lifelike statue at the villa's gallery.[3]



  1. Canon material provides two distinct dates for the events described in Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus: the adventure itself, described in chapters 1 through 5, takes place in 1494 DR, according to events mentioned in pages 7 and 47, while the Baldur's Gate Gazetteer describes the city as of 1492 DR (p. 159).



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