The Smiling Satyr was a rather good quality tavern just outside of the city of Loudwater.[1]


It was located eight farms southwest of Loudwater on the top of a hill with oaks and beeches.[1]



In the lane that led to the tavern, there was a wooden statue of a dancing satyr with pipes (that "played" piping tunes when someone approached, due to a permanent magic spell). There was a stream on a nearby field that offered water. Merchant and adventurers' caravans occasionally camped on the surrounding fields[1], two of which were also owned by the tavern's proprietor.[2]


The floor was made of flagstone. There were two hearths, one at each side of the taproom. The walls were decorated with weapons (including two magic battle axes that could animate when ordered by the tavern's owner), animal skulls and other hunting trophies.[2]


It was run by Arvyn Umbryl, a former adventurer, even before 1365 DR[1] and at least until 1370 DR.[2]


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