The Smiling Siren was a bawdy tavern/nightclub and theater in Waterdeep[1][2] that later became a festhall run by the church of Sune.[3]



The nightclub and theater was housed in a plain stone and mudbrick building. It was home to a local troupe of actors, who often put on (somewhat risque) private shows for Waterdhavian nobles. Traveling troupes, bards, comedians, and nearly nude dancers also performed regularly. The proprietor in the 1360s DR was Perendel Wintamer, a young mage.[1]


Many years later in 1479, the Smiling Siren had been turned into festhall that primarily functioned as a brothel for the prostitute priestesses of Sune. A female dwarf named Sanchel was the proprietress. Sanchel was able to deduce the preferences of customers just by looking at them.[3]

The Siren's entry room featured elaborate, extremely life-like murals of nymphs and other woodland creatures frolicking in the forest. A magical golden basin sat in the entry room. Customers tossed donations into the basin to pay for the privilege of spending time with the ladies. If the donation was sufficient, the water in basin glowed.[3]



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