Smoke mephits were mephits composed of air and fire. They were crude and lazy, as well as liars and tricksters who thrived on mockery and misdirection.[1]


Smoke mephits had sharp claws, which they used to attack their enemies.[1]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Smoke mephits could fly as fast as they could move on land. They had a complete immunity against fire and poison.[1]

They had an ability called cinder breath, which consisted of smoldering ash, that blinded those caught in it.[1]

When a smoke mephit died, a cloud of smoke with a radius of 5 feet (1.5 meters) appeared. This cloud obscured the vision of other creatures.[1]

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Smoke mephits could cast dancing lights once per day.[1]

Smoke mephits could summon one to four other smoke mephits once per day. These smoke mephits appeared within 60 feet (18 meters) and disappeared after 1 minute, when the summoning smoke mephit died, or when the summoner released it. This ability worked only once every four times.[1]


Smoke mephits were servants of Vhaeraun, the drow god of thievery, and were sent by him to Toril.[4]

Notable Smoke mephitsEdit




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