Smokepowder was the Realms magical alchemical equivalent of black powder.[1]


The secret to making smokepowder was given by Gond to the Lantanese for sheltering him during the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR. The church of Gond were one of the few manufacturers of smokepowder. It was banned on many cities and a source of friction as it was considered dangerous to use and a threat to the status quo.[3]

Following the destruction of Lantan during the Spellplague, many artificers considered the secrets behind smokepowder to have been lost.[4]


  • The Red Wizards of Thay were known to have developed large siege guns that operated on smokepowder. However, these were largely inaccurate and each shot consumed over a hundred charges.[5]
  • In the land of Kara-Tur there were known to be small rockets that were fueled by smokepowder.[5]
  • By the year 1372 DR, the use of smokepowder was known to be quite common among rock gnomes.[6]



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