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The Smoking Mountains,[1] also known as the Smoky Mountains or as the Marthessel in Untheric,[2] were a range of mountains with active volcanoes at its western end. They were located in the Old Empires area of Faerûn, between the nations of Unther and Tymanther.[1][4] The equivalent region to the Smoking Mountains in the world of Abeir were the Dead Stone Mountains.[5]


The Smoking Mountains were a chain of rough hills, a rugged coast, and active volcanoes, that extended east and west of Unther (an later, Tymanther) as far as Chondath, and also included the Adder Mountains. The Ship of the Gods was also considered part of this chain. Although high, the mountains were not as high as the Sword Mountains of Mulhorand. The southern region of the mountains experienced seismic activity on a regular basis.[2]

The Smoking Mountains were divided into two branches. The eastern branch was full of dormant volcanes, while the western branch had active volcanic activity, with two volcanoes in particular, Mount Fussel and Mount Temmikant, erupting frequently.[6]


At some point during the first years of the Wailing Years, dragonborn of Tymanther used rocks from the Smoking Mountains to construct Djerad Thymar.[7]

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