Snake charm was an enchantment spell that mesmerized one or more snakes, ophidians, or ophidianoid creatures (nagas, couatl, etc.).[2][3][5]


When cast, this spell hypnotizes a snake. They ceased whatever activity they were doing at the time, going into a swaying sitting position. The spell can charm multiple snakes, the amount is determined by the caster's spell level. The spell is more effective against angry snakes.[2]

A variant of this spell is used exclusively by hishnashapers in Maztica. This version allowed the caster to not only charm a snake, but also assign it tasks. It was often used as a guardian or to attack an opponent. The caster was also able to command the snake to attack a distant target, when assigning this task, the caster had to focus on the appearance and location of the targeted individual. The spell was able to charm more than one snake, and the caster did not have to see the snakes to cast the spell.[1]


This spell requires only verbal and somatic components.[2] The variant used by hishnashapers required an additional material component: the tail of a rattlesnake. During casting it was shaken by the caster.[1]


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