Snilloc was an adventuring wizard who lived some time in the 13th century by Dalereckoning.[1]


Snilloc traveled with a party of adventurers, allegedly fighting beholders, dinosaurs, pirates, spirits, and vampires. He wrote a book full of anecdotes on how to defeat such monsters.[1]

Snilloc gained fame among his fellow wizards by developing several cold-based evocations and more general fame when he helped save Procampur from a horde of hobgoblins.[1]

Rumor had it that Snilloc spent his final years living in Zakhara.[1]


Snilloc was the inventor of three known spells in the Realms, Snilloc's snowball, Snilloc's snowball swarm and Snilloc's major missile,[2] as well as a rumored fourth, Snilloc's cream pie.[3] There also existed a path of power based on Snilloc's magic, a so-called lost path which was not publicly known.[4]


If Snilloc's writings represented his personality in person, then he was apparently a patronizing and overly self-confident individual.[1]


Snilloc was one of several powerful mages that were mortified and infuriated when some of their spells were published in Volo's Guide to All Things Magical. He was heard to say that Volothamp Geddarm deserved to lose his head after spending "most of eternity as a dung beetle crushed under a rock at the bottom of a cesspool."[5]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Dave Collins created several spells while playing in Jeff Grubb's original campaign setting, and these were said to be the work of the wizard Snilloc, which is of course Collins' name written backwards.[6]


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