Snort was a magical hell boar that served as the mount of Athrogate.[1]

Bwahaha! I can't ever be thankin' ye enough for me new pet! Bwahaha! Snort! Bwahaha!
  — Athrogate to Jarlaxle[1]


Snort was an infernal boar that could be spawned by a figurine of wondrous power, which in this case was colored red and formed in the shape of a boar.[1]

This boar was from the lower planes, and was said to be fierce and fiery, and did not tire, similar to a nightmare. The large boar had red skin, steam rose from its back, and small flames came from its nostrils when it breathed. It could cover a very long distance in a short amount of time. As per its name, it would often snort, as well as stomp its hoofs (which emitted bursts of orange flame).[1]


Snort was often used in combat, where it could ram foes, and subsequently burn them.[1]


Athrogate cherished the war pig that he had been given, and was known to treat Snort like a loved pet.[1]


In 1368 DR, Jarlaxle explained to his dwarven companion, Athrogate, that he did not walk from place to place. Instead, he used a magical steed that was tied to a conduit, as did Artemis Entreri. Whilst Jarlaxle used a nightmare, he passed his short companion a red figurine of wondrous power. When Jarlaxle explained how to call for it, by using its name, Athrogate literally snorted, as he believed that would summon it. Jarlaxle had to clarify that "Snort" was indeed the hellish boar's name.[1]



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