The Snout of Omgar was an island off the southeastern coast of Chult.[3][1] In the late 15th century DR, it was predominantly inhabited by tortles.[2]


The northwest portion of the island was relatively flat and covered by rain forest. The forest ended at grassy hills at its northern tip, which ended at the crag of High Horn and was the site of several shipwrecks, while its eastern and western coasts were marked by sandy beaches. The southern portion of the island was mountainous and marked by volcanoes and caves.[4]


Before the Spellplague, the Snout of Omgar was a mountainous peninsula. With the violent changes brought by the Spellplague, a narrow strait formed between the mainland and the Snout, separating it from Chult and turning it into a large island.[1][2]

Soon after the island's formation, tortles living nearby claimed it as their domain, taking advantage of the natural protection offered by the strait against predators.[2]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Ahoyhoy, the only settlement on the island, inhabited by tortles.[5]
  • Dangwaru, a, dilapidated, haunted palace built by the tortles for the crew of a wrecked ship.[6]




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