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Snow golems were a type of golem made from snow.[1]


Snow golems were a mound of snow animated by magic[1] that could be sculpted in any shape their creators wished. They often resembled white marble statues of humanoids wearing terrifying helmets.[2]


Snow golems were immune to the cold and were unaffected by poisons. They were also immune to charm, fear, paralyzation, petrifying or poison-based effects and spells. If it was attacked by a cold-based effect or spell, it absorbed the magical energy and used that to heal any injuries. Spells that altered the form or structure of a creature had no effect on snow golems. In addition, they were not hurt by mundane weapons, which only harmlessly passed through them, but only by magic weapons. They were, however, very vulnerable to any heat source, mundane or magical.[1]

Although incapable of speaking, snow golems were usually accompanied by a haunting sound of mournful wind.[2]


In combat, a snow golem used its weight to slam into a target. They also used snowballs as a ranged weapon, possibly from surrounding snow or created magically from their own bodies.[1]


It was rumored that snow golems who had freed themselves from the control of their masters and achieved free will could form small communities with others of their kind.[2]


Snow golems were occasionally found in the cold reaches of the Domains of Dread, where they were employed by their creators as guards.[2]


Producing a snow golem was a process that involved components and materials worth 45,000 gp. Over four weeks, the body was sculpted out of snow in a very cold location. Animation was achieved by casting the spells cone of cold, polymorph any object, wish, and permanency.[2]


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