The Snowflake Mountains were a range of mountains in West Faerûn, forming the borders between Tethyr,[1] Amn,[2] and what was once the barony of Impresk within Erlkazar.[3] They included some of the tallest mountains in Faerûn.[3]


These mountains were part of the Iltkazar Range, a chain that stretched all the way to the Shining Sea in the south.[4] Some of the mountains were enormous, with peaks reaching over 20,000 feet above sea level.[3] They were at least in part composed of dark granite.[5]

The western slopes were covered with trees, a forest known as Shilmista.[2]

The River Valashar begins in Shilmista, formed from the accumulation of waters from three waterfalls in the mountains.[2] The Shining Stream, a major tributary of the River Ith also flowed down from the Snowflakes.[6]


It was home for many millennia to the great red dragon Fyrentennimar, until he was slain by Cadderly Bonaduce and company.[7]

The lich Priamon Rakesk maintained a lair in a tower hidden among the mountains.[8]


Its northeastern peaks housed the camouflaged Castle Trinity, a castle built into the rock face and hidden to all but the most observant. It was from this base of operations that the evil cleric Barjin and the wizards Aballister Bonaduce and Dorigen unleashed their armies and the Chaos Curse on Shilmista Forest, the town of Carradoon, and the Edificant Library.[7]

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