Snowy owlbears, also known as arctic owlbears, were a kind of owlbear native to arctic regions. Similarly to their cousins from more temperate climes, they looked like hybrids of snowy owls and polar bears.[1][2][3]


Snowy owlbears fought much like standard owlbears, although their superior ability to blend into their environment due to their white fur and feathers made them more successful at ambushing prey. This distinctive coat also made the snowy owlbear immune to cold-based attacks.[2][3]


Snowy owlbears generally laired in natural caves or dens dug out of snowbanks. Their clutches consisted of up to 6 eggs, and both parents cared for their young well past infancy.[2][3]

Unlike their cousins, snowy owlbears were primarily diurnal. They were noted to be extremely determined hunters, and would pursue their prey even into the freezing cold water.[2][3]



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