So-Kehur was a Red Wizard necromancer and follower of the lich Szass Tam. He was often accompanied by his fellow necromancer Muthoth.[1][page needed]


So-Kehur was quite corpulent for a mulan. He kept a magical, ebony-and-bone wand dangling from his belt.[2]


So-Kehur's sister was Nephis Sepret, wife of Ramas Ankhalab, autharch of Anhaurz in Lapendrar.[3]


So-Kehur never wanted to become a necromancer or any kind of wizard but his family pushed him into it. So-Kehur would have been content to stay home and manage his family's estates.[4]

Both So-Kehur and Muthoth played a key role during the battle at the Keep of Sorrows by killing the enemy warriors,[5] and raising them as undead to increase the size of Szass Tam's forces.[6]. So-Kehur was mind-bound to the powerful lich, which ensured that he would follow every order given to him upon pain of death.[7]




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