Soargar was one of the founders of the new Impiltur.


Soargar was the archmage of the Elethlim dynasty and in his role he witnessed the plague that in 922 DR killed most of the family, the disappearance at sea of Princess Aliia in 924 DR, and finally the fragmentation of the kingdom in 926 DR. Afterward, he kept in his care most of the royal treasures of Impiltur, including the famous swords Ellendrin, Malagar and Galathos,[2] hoping to one day renew the country.[3]

In 1095 DR, Soargar, along with his apprentice Sambral and the visiting archmage Velgarbrin of Baldur's Gate, helped the War Captain of Lyrabar, Imphras Heltharn, to destroy a goblinoid horde. In the battle, Soargar was fatally injured but before he died he told Imphras where he had hidden the Impilturan treasures and encouraged him to use them to become the new king.[1]



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