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Solamiths were rare, gluttonous tanar'ri demons driven by an insatiable, all-consuming voracity. They were bloated manifestations of burning hunger that charged their own flesh with spiritual fire, energy drawn from their prey. After devouring a victim, another tortured face appeared just under the skin of their bellies, a mere echo of the soul that begged for release.[1][2]


Solamiths were corpulent fiends that stood at least 10 feet (3 meters) tall and weighed up to 1 ton (910 kilograms). The obese demons lumbered around their imposing mass on their slab-like legs. They had pallid skin with bright green veins, and screaming faces that pressed outwards against their paunch. Their horned heads seemed to be cradled atop rings of flab and sagging skin, and their faces hosted a pair of burning eyes and a mouth full of flat teeth.[2]


Solamiths were stupid creatures, little more than animalistic savages; they did not collect treasure for they had no need for baubles and trinkets. They lacked the same arrogance of other demons, generally content as they were to prowl the Abyss as instinctive predators without care for the suffering they caused. The notable exception to their bestial ways was after a solamith had torn its victim to pieces.[2] They were surprisingly dainty eaters that slowly chewed the flesh of their victims, savoring every bite and properly appreciating each bit of spiritual effervescence.[1][2]


Solamiths were capable of tearing away chunks of their own body, peeling away their flesh before hurling the wads to explode upon their enemies. This "soulfire" was not only burning hot but also necrotically energized, causing injury even to those normally immune to fire. A solamith could tear of more of itself to increase the blast radius and/or make the burst even more powerful, but even removing small pieces hurt them.[1][2]

In melee, they could slash their foes with burning claws or slam into them with their sheer bodyweight. Solamiths could also unleash a 15‑foot (4.6‑meter) cone of soulfire in retaliation to being struck, scorching their foe and pushing them back.[1][2]

Solamiths had the rapid healing and resistances commonly found in the tanar'ri, with the addition of being immune to fire (including soulfire). Despite having the usual resistance to the cold however, they were also vulnerable to the element. Not only was their ability to withstand it weaker, but frigidity ceased their regeneration.[1][2]

Solamiths could summon one or two more of their kind each day, succeeding around two-fifths of the time.[2]


Despite their dull wits, solamiths had some tactical ability, keen spatial awareness, and an intuitive sense of how best to make use of their soulfire. At the start of every battle, they used the most devastating soulfire attack they could muster, increasing the area of effect whenever there were more enemies to catch in the blast. A moderately injured solamith still used soulfire, but held back as much as possible.[1][2]

Solamiths did not willingly enter melee combat, Though their great mass could make them seem formidable, solamiths were actually soft and vulnerable creatures that had to be kept out of harm's way. The portly fiends maneuvered the battlefield with startling speed so that soulfire could be used as long as possible.[1][2]

If forced into melee, they would unleash a cone of soulfire to keep enemies at bay, doing so whenever possible and making sure to position themselves so that other enemies were caught in the counterattack. Failing that, they might keep using soulfire or instead batter their foes.[1][2]


A shadow demon and a solamith

Assuming that they didn't consume them, solamiths could be fierce bullies, pressing weaker creatures into doing their bidding. However, when faced with a demon of equal of greater power to themselves, they were known to cooperate if only out of self-preservation.[1] Before an evil entity of sufficient power, the fiends were known to fawn and grovel in the hopes of being taken as a pet or favored soldier. In turn, their masters and/or commanders often had more treasure than would be expected, the addition of a solamith resulting in greater success.[2]

The vast majority of solamiths were usually found among the soldiers of more powerful demons, such as glabrezus or balors. Balors were the most likely to own them despite their lack of use in the Blood War forces, using them to dispose of troublesome captives and to ward off attacks from beings of other planes. Demons, as well as those that could summon or control demons, used them as artillery, sentries, and gatekeepers.[1][2] They were known to accompany the fiery immolith demons and azer, as well as slaadi of varying strength.[1]

Evil spellcasters could summon a solamith using the summon monster VIII spell, or a more powerful version.[2]


Although scarce, solamiths could be found anywhere in the Abyss, roaming the ruinous landscape singly or in pairs in their hunt for food.[2]


Despite requiring no sustenance, solamiths nonetheless searched for food in the form of lesser demons, petitioners, and, most delicious of all, mortal humanoid flesh. They gorged on those they killed at the end of battle, eating the fallen to replenish their own depleted reserves of flesh.[1][2]